Waiting for dinner and still sick

So we re just waiting for dinner to finish, which is the crockpot chicken and vegetable soup thing.  I have also made, for the first time ever, a self saucing pudding!  I’m so excited to try it and see how well I did! (Great English haha).

We are still all sick apart from Xander.  I just have a blocked nose and slight headache, Gareth has blocked nose, headache and loses his voice every now and again.  But last night we got sleep which was nice.

We have also been cleaning the house today so that has been nice.  We have swept, vacuumed and mopped the house as well as sorting out washing and cleaning the bathroom.

Dinner was delicious, we just finished and my self saucing pudding worked a treat!

Now we are just watching Spongebob Squarepants with Xander before he goes to bed… Oh never mind they are playing Minecraft.

Hopefully we get some sleep again tonight.  Sorry short but just been a bit busy today.


Tash xxx


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