Seeing the grandparents

So today at 3am Gareth and I had a crap night sleep, still full of cold and flu (I suspect Gareth has a small flu cause of how unwell he is) and Xander waking up at 3am cause he thought it was the normal time to get up…

When we finally did wake at a reasonable hour (after lots of tossing an turning) we sorted ourselves out and went on our way to go and see my grandparents!

The trip over wasn’t too bad, I turn Pokemon Go on and wanted to see what kind of gyms and such were out in the country… I don’t play it often because it eats at your internet data sadly…

after an hour of driving we arrived at my grandparents at about 10:30am!  And they were happy to see us.  Xander went out back with his great pop to go and pick some walnuts off the walnut tree (or bush… not sure), my dad was there doing the gardening, Gareth followed out back to do god knows what… And I stayed inside with my nana.

It was nice seeing them again but you could tell my pop was depressed and he looked like he just…. Has given up on everything now… Which is so sad but what can I do?  I’m not close enough to visit him all the time and if I had my drivers… Well, fuel costs also are annoying.

But Gareth and I are going to visit him next week when Xander is back at school so we can help get firewood sorted and such for them.

On our way home we stopped off and visited our friend for a bit at her job before heading out to home, which was nice when we got home, Xander had fallen asleep, so we all decided to have a nap since we had such a bad sleep the night before.

We only just woke up at 5pm and Gareth is making dinner, Xander is on the Ipad to have his little play he gets before his normal bedtime and I’m just quickly writing this blog, which is nice to just do everyday.

Well, I better help with dinner.


Tash xxx


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