Yay Gareth’s on holiday!

Yay so Gareth is finally on holiday, which he needs because he is still unwell with his flu/cold he has got going on (he’s almost 100% better).

Tomorrow off to see my grandparents and maybe see my other set of grandparents too which would be nice… But we will have to see.

Today my mother took Xander and I out to have lunch with her which was nice since she paid for it and everything like that

Xander entered a drawing competition today at his local Stationary shop which the topic for the picture was… to draw what inspires you….

Xander drew his school playground which was a bit different to the normal dinosaurs he usually draws… But he remembered perfectly what the playground looked like, from the stones in the small stream to the scarecrow on the hill.

He’s got his great memory from me it seems…. Gareth is pretty forgetful… Seriously he forgets when Xander and my birthdays are…. What’s he going to do when we finally have our four beautiful children?

Actually it wouldn’t surprise me if he tattoos their birthdates onto his arm so he would never forget… And yes he is planning on getting tattoos one day (and on his arms too I think) and I have not pressured him…. He said he will but just have to wait till we have the money for it.

After all tattoos are expensive… I should know I have one on my shoulder.

So yeah, a bit boring today but I wanted to write something down…  So yeah, tomorrow’s should be much more exciting and interesting.


Tash xxx


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