Finally getting better.

So finally Xander’s cold seems to be almost gone! Yay!  Myself I only have a blocked nose and slight headaches so yay!  Gareth… He’s still not 100%…

I find it funny though that the guy who got the flu jab ends up with a mini flu… While the two people in the household have got colds.

Anyway, Wednesday we are travelling about an hour from our place to go and see my nana and pop because it was my nana’s birthday today (18th July).  But we couldn’t go because Gareth wants to see them too.

We are also going to see one of my close friends since she has been in hospital in and out for the past couple of months and they think they finally know what is wrong with her… They think endometriosis so she’s going for an operation at some point.

So we need to go and visit her and Xander wants to give her big Xander cuddles.

Xander is back at school next week, sadly the holidays we haven’t been able to do much since he has been so unwell with chest infections and other problems….  So a nice visit to his great-grandparents will be a great little holiday for him.

Also, hopefully, going to hang out with a couple of his friends from school too these holidays so that will be nice.

So todays blog is just a little update on everyone and such like.


Tash xxx


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