colds and parties…

So our household has come down with the common cold!

Xander has had his for a week and a half now, Gareth has had it for four days (and he’s the only one who had a flu jab) and I only got it yesterday… How I knew was my throat got really sore and I can’t swallow food properly now…  (I get severe tonsillitis.)

But Xander is almost better now, his chest and throat infection has cleared up and he only has a snotty nose now yay!  And since he is better he got to go to his friends fifth birthday party today…  At the Aquarium!

So Gareth drops Xander and I off at the Aquarium at 9am and we wait for my friend Moo (that’s her nickname) and her two boys.  Once they arrived we headed in.

Now, there were lots of children running around excited so Xander quickly hands his present to the birthday boys mum before waiting for the final children to arrive.

Once everyone had arrived Moo and I stayed just to see the penguins get fed (this was first in the kids exciting day).

Interesting stories about each penguin there and how they came to live in the Aquarium…. Mostly loss of limbs, brain damager and other things so they live happily in the Aquarium… And Xander loved it.

Afterwards the kids went back to eat before it was present time, which the birthday boy loved the Spiderman shirt we got for him.

Moo and I left when they were heading to their next activity, and what I got out of Xander’s sugar highed talking was they went and watched the fish get fed, the sharks get fed, watch divers swim with the fish, got to hold Lizards, look at the kiwis, have cake, do colouring in and much more!

Now, Moo and I went and saw a friend who had just had a baby girl for the next three hours while the boys were at the party which was nice for us (clucky Tash much XD).

We got back and boy were they running around screaming and shouting their heads off.

And we went home at 12pm.

Right now, at 8:00pm as I write this, Xander is fast asleep in his room as he had such a full on day.  And it sounds like he had a lot of fun.

For me though I have a thumping headache and need to take some medicine soon… and try to stay up as late as possible because I fell asleep this afternoon (yay not).

I will be getting photos sometime during the week and I might put a couple of Xander up.


Tash xxx


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