Game night with friends

Tonight is our annual game night with a couple of our mates.  It’s a fun little thing we put together around three years ago (I think, do quote me on this.).

It’s fun though cause we do a range of things from playing board games (and tonight we are playing cluedo and maybe some other stuff) to online games like Town of Salem or Cards against Humanity (Which I really need to get for my family to play one Christmas Eve…).

Sometimes we even get everyone over early and do a dinner night which is a neat thing to do and you get yummy as food!

I enjoy these nights because I feel like I can hang out with some of my (now) closest friends and talk to them about things you can’t tell others normally.

So yeah tonight is going to be a fun little thing so this blog is short because I also gotta go and get a birthday present for Xander’s friend who is turning five tomorrow.  Fun times. :).


Tash xxx


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