Todays dinner is..

So today I am quickly going to tell you how to make our quick but simple dinner which is (today cause it is the only meat that Xander enjoys…) Chicken and Veges! (Vegetables)

Now this is very simple so there is not a lot to do for it.

First you need to get your crockpot – which is great for this kind of stuff!

Then you add in your vegetables, now we used frozen veges today because the produce at the supermarkets did not look nice nor would survive to Friday so yeah…

Then you add your meat, now you can use whatever meat you wish but we used chicken today because… Well, Xander is a fussy eater and only likes chicken so that is what we use… Sometimes we lie and say that pork is chicken so he will eat it.  Now we got boneless and skinless chicken breasts and placed those right in the crockpot too.
I also suggest you do not put frozen meat in… thaw it out the night before or something because it will not cook in time…. We done that last time and Gareth said it wasn’t fully cooked till like 11pm so we had it for dinner the next night.

Then you add two gravy packets… So we chose roast meat (because it is yummy and they were out of roast chicken flavour… Our supermarket isn’t that well stocked lately but I won’t write why…)

One in then you ad water (a jug full… literally a jug full) so it’s not over flowing but it has covered all of the veges and pieces of chicken up.

Then, you put the crockpot on high and stir it through out the day, letting it cook slowly.  So I sorted and put it on at around 8:30am this morning and it is now 6:00pm so it should be cooked now…

You can serve it with or without bread/buns/rolls/etc you want.  We usually have some sort of nice bakery goodness with it.

Yum it is meant to be soup like too…  and there is chicken in there it just at the bottom
food 11
Fresh Bread!

And it is a quick, easy meal to prepare and cook especially when you have kids running about. We also normally out it on when we go out for a day so it is nice to come home and not worry about having to do dinner from scratch.



Tash xxx



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