School Holidays so far…

Have been a slight bit wet and cold… Thus Xander and I have not gone out much since I don’t drive and the weather is just not swell.

Plus he has been sick for the past week now (He got sick last Thursday with chest infection and a cold) and now his dad has caught a small cold…

Originally these holidays Xander and I were going to go and do a lot of going out but since he just hasn’t been well and with this weather it means we have to put those plans on hold for the minute…

But we might go away next week when Gareth has his week off of work so that will be nice and fun.

We want to take Xander away for a day trip somewhere like Wellington (Capital of NZ) or something like that so we can just spend the day with the three of us before he goes back to the rough and tumble of school (which he is loving and has already been asking to go back to school now).

We are now waiting for this week to hurry and finish so we can spend the last week with our little main man together as a family.

But the past couple of days Xander has not really been in the mood to make or bake things since he keeps coughing and such like… But he seems to be getting better so we might make a cake tonight or tomorrow after I clean the house for a bit.  Apart from that we might, if the weather clears and warms up a bit, go out with his scooter and run around at one of the parks close by.  Will just have to wait and see.

Apart from that he has been doing a lot more drawing side of things and so have I so that has been really fun… And watching movies together since, you know, wet weather equals movie time in this household…

Speaking of movies I might convince Gareth to go on a family outing to see ‘Finding Dory’… Really want to watch that and Xander enjoyed ‘Finding Nemo’ so he should enjoy this.  Another great family activity.

Yeah, so that past couple of days have been a tad boring and icky but todays weather is just confusing…. So it started off cold, then it went blue skies for like ten minutes then we had a big blast of rain and wind…. and now we are back to sunshine… But it is, of course, cold and not really 100% warm yet… Hopefully tomorrow and this weekend will be nice because Xander has a birthday party to go to Sunday and we have to go and get a present tomorrow…

Apart from that my day has been going okay…. Xander’s in his room playing with his toys right now and I will have to make him lunch in a minute so then we will see if he wants to watch a movie after that…  Maybe lion king or Wreck it ralph, both great movies… or Tangled, haven’t watched that in a while.

Okay, that is all for today’s blog.  Hope everyone having a great day/afternoon/evening/night


Tash xxx


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