Games I miss playing.

A game that I really miss playing is the Kingdom Hearts series.  I wish I still had a Playstation 2 so I could play it!

Seriously those games were so much fun!

The storyline was interesting and kept you hooked, the characters were loveable and amazing, and over all game play was neat and exciting.

Kingdom Hearts 1 I watched my brother play first before I finally got to play it… and when I did it was so much fun!  I loved the heartless who were not only cute and adorable but they were deadly and some of them challenging.

Spoilers if you haven’t played the game! (Short and not a lot but pointing out a main plot line)

The main character, Sora, was a quirky, fun and honestly great to have instead of all the angst characters you get from a main character from Final Fantasy.. He was also relatable in a sense of the fun happy kid.  Riku was cool and mysterious, a jealous character if you think about it who had that slight angst about him… But yet again he was relatable in that side of things.  Then you had Kairi who was adorable, cute, happy and pure.  She was one of those quiet but trustworthy people.

Then of course you had you classic Disney characters Donald and Goofy, who travelled with Sora!  I don’t want to spoil so I suggest playing it yourself if you haven’t.

Kingdom Hearts two is my favourite!  When I played it I loved, yet again, you originally characters as well as you new characters!  Roxas, who is the nobody of Sora.  You have Organisation XIII who are the bad guys and, yet again, are amazingly designed and are very interesting.

Yet again I suggest you play it because I don’t want to spoil.

You have also the other games like Chain of Memories, which slots between the other two and I have not played that one yet cause it was only for Gameboy Advanced originally so I couldn’t play but did watch a bit my friend Natasha (same name as me thus why we bonded)  play a few bits every now and again when I was over at hers when we were teenagers.

There are other games too like Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep which I also need to play…

But the two games I have played are fun and amazing and I really want to play them again!

These games just fuelled my love for Square Enix and it will never diminished… Well… Apart form Final Fantasy XIII but I won’t talk about that.

So yeah, todays blog was just to do with one of my favourite game series and the final one is coming out at some point which I am excited for!


Tash xxx


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