No Shame

My boy literally has no shame…  Seriously.

So, today we went out with out with his nana (my mother) today for lunch and boy this kid is a smooth talker…

First of all we had a lovely female waitress serving us today so Xander learns her name and casually starts chatting to her, getting her to laugh and giggle back!  We seriously swear this kid is already trying to flirt… Might be watching his dad flirt with me all the time…

We had lunch which was nice and all but we pay for food and Xander has got, yet again, the female waitress attention.  This time they are talking about the old fashioned phone that is in the restaurant and all that stuff.  We find this hilarious and in the end he says thank you and we head back to the car to drive into town to go shopping for my sister’s birthday.

Now, we mostly end up shopping for my mother… I didn’t buy her anything she bought herself stuff, but we get to one of the clothing stores and Xander sits down on the plush chair there to wait while I sit on the floor with him…

That is until I smelt the worse smell in the world.

I turn slowly towards Xander and he has the biggest smile on his face.

That dirty little boy farted and started laughing!

And all the time we were in the clothing shop he kept farting and then laughing so much he was almost crying… Now, normally, I would laugh and I did, but I had to tell him to keep quiet about it instead of announcing that he has farted…

And I told him that… Something had crawled up his little butthole and died… And this made him laugh so much he had to rush off and find his nana to tell her, which he told her but she couldn’t understand because he was just laughing so much.

After having a laughing fit for 10 minutes he calms down and sits on my lap while we continue to wait… That is till, yet again, that smell went up my nose and made me cringe.  I can feel Xander giggle as I stare at him before he quietly says “I farted!”

When we finally left that shop I wonder how many fresh smell sprays they sprayed around the room…

As I have said, this kid has no shame.  It’s a good thing and a bad thing because it means he doesn’t really mind if he does something in front of others… But the bad thing is sometimes he can use it and people don’t like it… But Xander is confident and will learn to not to be as loud about announcing his farts when he is a little older.

Thought give you a inside of what today was like for Xander and I.  Twas funny that is for sure.


Tash xxx


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