Had another lazy day again with my main man Xander.  Gareth went back to work today so it’s been a bit of a lonely one.

But anyway, Gareth’s job is very interesting… He’s a funeral director… or undertaker.

I will talk about that in another blog I promise but for now today is just about Xander and I.

Xander seems better thankfully, so hopefully he had a small chest infection because my boy did not get a lot of sleep Saturday night sadly.  But that is okay because he seems fine now which means he should be able to attend one of his friends birthday parties this weekend.

This month, July (and a bit of August), is a busy time of year for birthdays… Let me just list a couple of birthdays…

The first is my grandmother whose birthday is the 16th July, then it is my nana’s birthday on the 18 July.  After that there is a week before it’s my siblings birthdays, my sister on the 27th July and my brother on the 28th July… My sister is turning 26 and my brother is turning 31 so yeah, five year age difference between the two of them.

Also a couple of my cousins have birthdays between those four dates too so thats another so many birthdays…  None of my in-laws seem to be July babies… Well, apart from my husbands Aunty, she is in July.

Then August… We don’t have birthdays till 23rd August which is my aunties and I think my brothers girlfriend’s birthday…  Then the 24th August is my dads birthday and he’s going to be 57 years old!  So old haha.

On the 25th August is my mother-in-laws birthday.

Then when we hit November it has become a busy life for me…

November 23rd is one of my brother-in-laws birthdays and 22nd is my youngest nephews birthday.  Then the 27th November is my birthday (25 this year)… Then the 19th December is Gareth’s birthday before we hit Christmas…

Then we have a birthday in January (my niece) February (my other brother in law), several in April… My mum is on the 7th, Xander is on the 16th April, and my other nephew is near the end of April (I cannot remember the dates properly for his or my niece so I’m not going to write them down in case I’m wrong…) and then Gareth’s father’s in May…

So yeah, July is the busy month for us and I still have to get my siblings birthday presents… I have an idea for my sister but not for my brother…. Time to brainstorm.

Again, sorry for the random blog but I wanted to write down most of the dates… Mostly to remind Gareth again and again as he seems to always forget even mine and Xander’s birthdays… I don’t get annoyed, just laugh it off and wonder what will happen when we finally have more kids how hard it will be to remember everyones birthdays for him.


Tash xxx



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