Well then…

The beginning of the school holidays and Xander has caught a cold and we think a throat or chest infection.  Not a nice thing to have when you start your holidays… But at the same time a good thing since he will be at home.

On the second week of the holidays Gareth has a week off so we are going to try and head down to either the capital of New Zealand, Wellington, or head somewhere else for a couple of days before Xander starts back up at school.

It will be nice, having Gareth home everyday for a week.  The last time he had that much time off I was looking after him after his operation and looking after Xander so it will be nice to have him around the house.

Right now we are making enchiladas for dinner and chatting to Gareth’s father and family in England right now which is nice.  Supposedly they are having wonderful weather while here in NZ we are having cold and yuck weather.

I’m actually going to do a series soon and live stream it on Twitch and when I do I will leave the information on here, my Tumblr and twitter so if you are interested in watching me play then yay!  It will probably be the uncharted series from the first game to the last and it will be when Xander is asleep mostly.  It should be heaps of fun.

Also been doing a lot of artwork which is fun too.

So yeah, I will write a blog tomorrow of what Xander and I will be up to tomorrow.Hope everyone has a goodnight/good day.


Tash xxx


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