So I’m going to write a blog about when I fell pregnant and gave birth to Xander.

2010 was a rough year, Gareth’s mother sadly passed away from a rare blood disease and Gareth went back to England for about a week and a half.

He returned and everything went back to normal… Till August 2010.  We were, as I explained in my first ever blog, at my brothers when I found out I was two months pregnant and it was a huge shock for Gareth and I.

Anyway, so we prepared for the baby for the next couple of months… I was showing early so people always thought we were having twins, and our reply was “No, there is just the one in there.”

November 2010 we found out the baby’s gender… and we had our two names of choice picked out…

Xander Terry for a boy and Willow Teresa for a girl.

The baby’s middle name had already been picked out since we found out I was pregnant, and Teresa was Gareth’s mothers name and Terry was her nickname.

Anyway, as you know, we found out we were having a little boy.

So, the months went by when January, 2011, I went for a midwife appointment and for them to tell me that Xander’s head was already engaged and you are on high alert was alarming… But I had to have double the amount of appointments to make sure he didn’t come out early.  I was due April 1st 2011 so this made me a bit worried.

March 2011 My midwife informs me, after another ultrasound, that I now have two due dates since he seems to be showing signs of coming early… And the two due dates had some coincidence with them.

The new due date was the 28th March 2011… and on March 28th 2010 was the day Gareth’s mother passed away… The other due date was still the 1st April 2011… And on April 1st 2010 Gareth’s mum’s funeral was on.  So as you can see there was kind of a weird pattern happening.

But, he never arrived on those dates…

2 months
3 months
4 months
5 months


6 months
8 months
9 months

Xander was an overdue baby… And I mean an overdue baby.

Now onto the annoying part… here we go!

Now being overdue sucks because, in all honesty, you are just playing a very tense waiting game.

Gareth was working nightshifts at the old peoples home while, most of them time, I was at home with my family but it was scary… Just knowing I could go into labour and Gareth wouldn’t be there… But it never happened.

Monday afternoon, into my second week of being overdue, I was informed I would be induced on April 15th… And honestly I was okay with that, it meant I knew a day I would be having my baby and I could mentally and physically prepare myself, it meant Gareth could organise with work about when I would be going in…

But Monday night at about 11pm, Gareth got home and I was having contractions…

Now, Gareth stayed up with me that night timing them but they were so off it wasn’t funny.  From 1 minute apart to 20 minutes apart and we knew I wasn’t in labour… But slowly getting there….  And I was like that for the week.

Friday the 15th April rolled up and we went to hospital at 8am. Got into my room and that was when all hell broke lose…

First of all, to get my needle inserted into my arm they got a nurse, but not just any nurse, no, a TRAINEE nurse to insert… and she missed the vein causing me to go into a panic and start hyperventilating… I had my mum with me at the time and she quickly hit the emergency button while the nurse (I think, memory a bit hazy) started to panic.  Quickly a new nurse came in and reinserted it and we were all good.

Now, I went through gas and pethidine after a couple of hours before, late at night, they decide I need an epidural and to have the emergency c-section team on stand by (Found out I was, somehow, the only person giving birth at this point).  So, a doctor comes in at around 12am to do this and inserts the needle into my back and it hurt, this pain I remember all too well.

It was crunching through my cartilage in my back and I made pained noise as he continued, Gareth said the doctor inserting the epidural needle was sweating and nervous because my contractions were, finally, a minute apart each…

But, I was not fully dilated so they told me, in a firm voice “You will be in for a c-section at 5am.” I cried, I did not want to have c-section!  But I knew it was for my baby boy so I signed the papers away for them to know I agreed to it.

4am rolled up and I got some sleep (yay) when my midwife appeared and decided to check me because “she had a inclining that I was ready to push” and she was right.

My body was fully ready to push a baby out and his head was already starting to come out.

The emergency button was pressed and I remember watching, quite comically, doctors and nurses sprint into the room and stare at me with wide eyes as my midwife says “Oh, she’s pushing right now, can we get everyone here to help?”

and after two hours of quiet pushing, grunting, almost vomit into a tiny cup, and only voicing out my complaints twice, Xander Terry was born at 6:16am weighing 8 pounds 9 ounces and being the most chilled out child I have every seen.  And I fell in love with him instantly. (I don’t remember much from the birth part cause it has left my head).

They say the moment you look at your baby you understand what love truly is… And I agree, my heart grew another size… And it will do every time I have another baby.

Xander was precious and amazing… And I couldn’t believe I pushed him out, all the pain and exhaustion left me as I stared down into his little face… Even if he did have a coned shaped head.

I love Xander and the past five years have been amazing!  Now he has started the next stage of his life I am proud to be his mummy and can’t wait to see what he will accomplish next!

Having another baby hasn’t happened yet and we have been trying for a year now but we will just have to wait and see what happens. Hopefully we can give Xander a little sister next (or brother, we don’t mind… But there is only one girl, my niece, in the entire family on Gareth’s side since it was all boys from the beginning. Gareth has two brothers and himself, his dad the same… His mum only had one sister.  So there is hope.)

Yeah, this was just a little bit about Xander Terry…

On Gas here… This stuff was good for a little while
this was like 3am… Had the epidural and got some sleep
and he was born!
cone head!
Dad’s first cuddle with son
My little man
Having a feed with dad
Cuddles with mum


Tash xxx




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