Wet and cold

Today has been one of those really disgusting day where you just don’t want to get dressed or leave the house.

Xander had a day off school today because he was so tired from production the night before that it was suggested by the school principal that he (and any other student) stay at home if they are tired… and now Xander is also on school holidays yay!

So today we had a relaxing day with yucky weather outside.  I done a few drawings while Xander played a bit on the Ipad before playing with some toys and Gareth had tog go to the bank before he returned and done some odd jobs.

Then, I tried to get Xander to nap but he wouldn’t, so instead he watched his dad play Fallout 4 before they played PS4 Minecraft for a little bit.

Gareth sorted out our dinner for tonight (I had bought a chicken the other day) and we had a lovely roast before having dessert and Xander went straight to bed.

My day has been pretty boring and lazy but that don’t matter too much because now it is the holidays I can spend heaps of time doing baking and such with Xander.

Hopefully we will be going away in the second week of the holidays before Xander returns to school but we will have to see depending on the money situation.

I’m also thinking that at some point I will do a Twitch live stream… Not sure what game as of yet but I will do something like that (which will only be when Xander is in bed and fast asleep).

Tomorrows blog will hopefully be more interesting at least, I am thinking of talking about one of my favourite game series Uncharted by Naughty Dog or I will talk about Xander, not sure which yet.

Hope everyone has been well.

Tash xxx


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