Production time! and Flashes of the past…

Today is my sons production!

I’m so excited to see him on stage performing!

It reminds me from back when I was a young girl doing my dance recitals and school performances, the nerves and the energy from being on stage.  The confidence from performing in front of 100’s of people, the thrill of making everything perfect and making yourself stand out…

Yeah, I loved the stage… Damn, I still do!  But I haven’t been able to join any dance classes or theatre because of money (damn need a job!)

Anyway so I’m excited to see what Xander is like on stage and how confident he is!  So far he seems like me and is not scared to get up in front of everyone and perform so fingers crossed he will be great at public speaking in the future for speeches…

Speaking of back in the day I will put on a couple of photos from when I was a young dancer (I don’t have a lot… These were the ones I could grab haha)

dancing 6
13 years old and with some of my winnings
dancing one
14-16 years old Sailors Hornpipe
dancing 2
14-16 years old again
dancing 3
14-16 years old once more
dancing 5
Korea 2006
dancing 4
17-18 years old Sword Dance
dancing 7
16 years old and I met Gareth my future husband… This was way before dating hahaha

Yeah, I might put some pictures from tonights production up :).

Tash xxx



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