So lately I have been getting into art again yay!

Now, I use to draw all the time back before I had Xander and then I just… lost the time and passion for it. But, so far, I have gotten back into drawing again… And the way I have is from fan-art yay!

Fan-art is a great way to create but also you have someone to base it off eg Sailor moon…

So my fan-art has been of the fake AH crew from Achievement Hunter (members of Rooster Teeth) and colouring them in with pencil which I haven’t done for an even longer period of time.

Slowly, after drawing them, I ended up drawing a random mermaid (of all things) as well… Which, again, is random but I am having a ton of fun doing this… Trying to get my creativity back and at the same time enjoying something I use to be so passionate about.

I will put the latest drawings on here and show you what I have been doing… and I apologise for the… look you are about to see because I do not have a scanner and I had to use my cellphone to take photos of them… So the photos don’t actually show my colouring and blending skills any justice.

It’s also a fun activity to do with Xander who seems to be showing us he has an artistic side to him which is neat!

Gavin ‘Gavino’ Free and Ryan ‘Vagabond’ Haywood… Fake AH Crew (based on real life youtubers)
Geoff and Michael
Jeremy (the sad looking one) and Jack… Now I made Jack female because in their GTAV lets plays he created a female character… 

and then the mermaid.


Yeah, so this is my artwork over two days… been fun.


Tash xxxx


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