Depression and health…

So my mother came over today and told me she went to visit my grandparents, which is awesome because they live about an hour away from us so it is always hard to go visit them… But she told me some bad news about my pop…

But lets back up a bit.

A couple of weeks back we went and had a big visit to see my grandparents, as they had not been able to come over for Xander’s 5th birthday, and they told us some shocking news… My pop was going blind.
Now, he’s about 87 years old but this is such a shocking thing to happen to him… Because he still loves to build things!  He’s an ex builder and for him this must be the worst thing in the world.

Anyway, so, we knew about this and knew it would start happening in about a year or so but it gets worse…

So, my mum went and visited them yesterday and it turns out, not only is he going blind he is also becoming deaf (he’s always had bad hearing).  And, to top things off, he’s been going to a lot more funerals these past couple of weeks, as stated by my nana… A lot of his friends have been just passing away around him and it is making him depressed… and I mean really depressed.

It shocks me because I have always known my pop to be up-going, happy, amazing, caring and funny man who loved to play with us when we were children, who loved to come and watch me at everyone of my dancing recitals and competitions,who supported my sister and I when we played netball or any sport, who was there for me, my brother and sister, who was excited when he heard I was pregnant with (the first from Gareth and I) one of his great-grandchildren, who always loved us unconditionally…

To hear that, when my nana does catch him, he has his head in his hands and looks so upset… It just hurts me so much.

It’s not fair, depression, it can strike at any time and honestly, a lot of people do not understand it affects not only the younger generations, but it can affect the older ones too… And to know that my grandfather is depressed hurts me so much…  and I feel like there is nothing I can do…  But I know there is something I can do… And that is to be there for him no matter what.

I’m hopefully going to go see him and my nana this weekend with my dad, Gareth and Xander… And hope to help clean there house and make sure everything is going okay.

I love my pop and I love my nana, and I honestly wish that, sometimes, we didn’t move away from them when I was pregnant, I wish we had stayed and been there with them to help…

It’s all wishful thinking and what if’s but I know one thing… We are going to help him.  My mum and I have started to sort things out to help my grandparents.

I love them with all my heart and I just want to help them.

Thanks for reading, just wanted to write what was on my mind right now.


Tash xxx



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