Now, this is going to be short because I haven’t, in all honesty, done any blogs today cause I was slightly busy.  But I’m going to chat about exercise.

Now, I haven’t done exercise since my husband had an operation around May 2016 and he had some serious problems from the medication.

But today, Xander wanted to take his scooter to school today so I thought “Yeah, why not?”  Boy, I had to run and catch up with him.

But, now I look at it after I dropped him off this morning as a good thing.  It made me do exercise and it forced me to actually run.

So, from this week onwards Xander will be using his scooter everyday (unless raining) and I will run with him.  This will benefit me and then I will start running up those damn steps near my house again.

So todays blog is short and sweet but I had to write something.  My goal is to lose some weight and have a nice body for summer… So fingers crossed I can do it.


Tash xxx


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