Lazy Day

At home we are having a very lazy day.  We are still in a pjs and just relaxing in front of the TV… Well, Xander and I are.

Gareth is first on call for his job and every ten minutes he gets a phone call, kind of entertaining watching him get up and down all the time hahaha.

It’s so cold this morning that I don’t even want to shower but I know I should… Sigh.

Well, Gareth has now informed me he is going out so I’m going to play some ps4 yay.

Weird little blog today but I’m still watching RTX2016 and I missed some of the panels sadly (timezones) But I can watch them later…. Which I will when Xander is in bed or at school tomorrow.

So, yeah.  Hopefully tomorrows blog is much more interesting.


Tash xxx


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