I hate the cold

Seriously, I am not a winter person.  I’m a summer person, I love the heat, I love the being able to go out and enjoy long walks and feel the hot sun beating onto my body.

I hate the cold, I hate how much I try to warm myself up but I’m still cold no matter what I do!  Ugh!  I hate getting out of bed in the morning and I hate walking because it just bites at you, no matter how much running or jogging I do I never warm up!

When I use to be a dancer I hated comps in the winter…. Because my toes were so cold I couldn’t feel them and it took ages to warm them up just to be able to point! Or stand on them!  This is why I dread the winter, and why whenever winter arrives my mood sours up.

People who like the winter are weird…

But in all Honesty there is one thing I love about winter time and that is the dead tress and such like… Their the awesome bit.

Right now I have a pair of socks on, my hoodie, a long sleeve under that, leggings and long warm pants… I’m that cold… And the suns out!  It’s 12 Degrees here and I’m loving it hahahaha (sarcasm much).

Maybe my house is to cold… Xander is warm in his jeans, socks, jersey, long sleeve and warm woollen vest on.  Plus he is meant to be taking a nap (we went out this morning and he was tired from staying up last night waiting for his dad to get home so I’m trying to get him to go to sleep).

Gareth isn’t home, he’s out taking care of a funeral (which I will explain in a later blog on what my husband actually does).

But one of the positives for my weekend, which I will write in my next blog, is watching the RTX2016 panels live on Twitch!  RTX is a convention by the lovely internet gaming company Rooster Teeth!  I was introduced to Rooster Teeth back in 2013 by my sister and every since then I have loved them!  So of course I will be watching and writing up my own little blogs of the panels I do get to watch!  Yay!

So yeah, this is just a short little message about what is happening.


Tash xxx



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