Today’s been…


Today is awfully, 100% the yuckiest day we have had so far… And I have to go out, again, soon to go get my son from school!

So, first time I went out in this weather was to get Xander to school cause the lady who offered to take him has a child who has been vomiting since yesterday afternoon so she wasn’t heading over that way, which is fine because, as I said to her, “Your child’s health is more important.”

So, Xander and I walked in the rain together… He wasn’t so bad while I came home looking like a drowned rabbit.

So I quickly dry off and get myself ready for a job interview before heading back out into the awful rain, which had slightly calmed down.  Interview went great, my first pair of shoes didn’t… They were so wet that when I finally got home all you could hear was the water leaking out of them with everyone of my steps.

Now I’m sitting here dreading to leave my warm house because of the rain… But I have too…. Sigh, wish I got my drivers licence years ago.

Random little blog about this weather, hope everyone else is having nicer.


Tash xxx


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