Teeth problems… Ugh!

So, on the subject of teeth since yesterday Xander lost his first baby tooth… I have been having chronic tooth pain.

I know what it is too, on the left side of my mouth right at the back two teeth are playing up.  The back one (right on the end) has a new hole in the worse place possible… On the side of the tooth rubbing up against another tooth.  This one is not painful, no, it is just annoying whenever I have gum and some gets trapped or if I eat food it get trapped and it takes a good ten minutes of brushing teeth to get it out.

The one next to it is the painful one and I have an idea why… There is a filling there if you want to know but its starting to corrode… So it aches almost 80% of the time and when it doesn’t, well, it will start when I drink or eat something.

Now, I know what you are thinking, “Why doesn’t she go to the dentist and get it sorted out?” it’s because it is expensive to go.  Technically people can’t get their teeth sorted because of the insane amount of  money you have to pump into it!

So, I looked up the costing list and this is what we (would most likely) pay in New Zealand…

Check up with x-rays $95 – $150
Check up with Scale/Polish $85 – $120
Amalgam filling (molar) $110 – $165
Composite filling (molar) $130 – $185
Extraction $170 – $220
Porcelain Veneer $900 – $1,300
Composite Crown $280 – $500
Porcelain Crown $1,200 – $1,400
Molar Root Filling $900 – $1,200
Single Tooth Implant $2,500 – $3,000

Copied and pasted from the website below if you want to have a read

Dental Costs in New Zealand

So, look at my family for example…

Husband, wife and one child.  Husband only wage earner, wife unemployed and looking for work, and child at school.  Child free dental care till 18 but husband and wife have to pay.  Husbands wages pay for food, mortgage, bills and every other thing needed.  and at the end of the week do not have enough to even live half the time.

So first, I know for a fact cause it has happened every time I went as a teen, check up with x-ray…. $95 – $150…. Lets say it’s $95.00 so I pay that on the spot… boom, almost all of my money is gone because I have other things to pay for like bills.  Then I need two molar fillings done, $110 – $165… Either way it’s going over $200… again we cannot afford.


If they done dental plans or something that would be great… But nope, half of the places don’t even give you that and it’s frustrating!  If I had a job it would probably not make that much of a difference because we still wouldn’t be able to afford it! (I think some places have started dental plans which is good but I’m not sure which places do)

My teeth are causing a lot of aches and pains and I want to do something but I can’t.  I have bought special toothpaste, which is costly enough, and that hasn’t really done anything apart from take the pain away for less than an hour.

Yeah, I can understand that dentist have a lot of tools and stuff that is costly and what we pay for to fix our teeth goes towards paying off the tools for the job but, if it was cheaper or certain things didn’t need to cost then hell yes I would have all my teeth sorted…. But I can’t.

I know it probably is a lot worse in other countries and such like but honestly, I think dental care should be free or a plan that you pay off slowly, and that way you know you can afford it and have your teeth all nice and sorted for you.

Yeah, that is what today was about, a big rant.  Sorry about that but it just frustrates me that this is what we have to do and most likely half the New Zealand population can’t pay for it…. Hell, maybe even more than half.  More than half of my friends haven’t been to the dentist in years because they can’t afford it!

Sorry about this blog, just wanted to write my frustrations somewhere.

But, just to add something a bit positive but at the same time scary… Xander second baby tooth is on it’s way out… Yikes, tooth fairy doing overtime in my household.


Tash xxx


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