Losing his first tooth…

So yesterday morning Xander came up to Gareth and I and said “Look!  My tooth is loose!” and sure enough, there was a tiny front tooth wobbling around like crazy.

Gareth looks at me and says “No, he can’t be losing his teeth yet.  He’s not old enough…”  So I go and look up on good old google, so the normal age children’s teeth fall out is around 6-7 but some kids can lose them earlier… Xander being one of them.

So throughout the day, both at home and school, Xander like to announce to everyone that he had a wiggling tooth and that he was growing up when it fell out.  The bad part of it  was that all of yesterday he kept wiggling it around and crying out when eating.  It hurts to eat.

tooth 1tooth 2

Today he, again, played around with it but it was looser.  So I was like “Oh, tooth fairy will be coming for a visit soon.”  So he went off to school and I done housework around the house before it was time to pick him up.  I get to school and he has drawn me a lovely picture and kept talking about his day, the tooth momentarily forgotten… Till we got home.

Get home and he wants to eat an apple, which I let him.  It was quiet for a little bit till suddenly the cry of pain emits from him.  I rush to him (as I had been sorting out our washing) and quickly got him to tell me what is wrong, with his answer being “My tooth!”

I ask him to show me and he does, which I noticed that it was actually almost out!  So I told him “Just push it slightly with your tongue and then you can pull it out!”  and he does that when, oh my gosh, his tooth fell out!

no tooth 1no tooth 2no tooth 3

Now, his first reaction was shock which was pretty funny, then he became sad for a second before he started getting excited, exclaiming he was “Getting older now and getting money from the tooth fairy!”

So, guess Gareth and I have to get him so coins that are from the tooth fairy for tonight… But that was our exciting day.


Tash xxx


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