Birthday card and yellow tops…

I have to get my granddad a birthday card today which is going to be the fun part :)… and then I have to hunt down a yellow top for my son for his school production in two weeks… Why is yellow not a popular colour?  Like, the time I need it, it’s not there.

Feels like when I was getting my wedding ready and I wanted to get my bridesmaids emerald green dresses…. Do you think there were any there?  Nope!
And then, two years after I get married emerald green became a popular colour and I just wanted to flip my table like ugh!

Luckily for my wedding I chose a very nice black and silver dress :).

But back to the point of the yellow top, there are no plain yellow tops!  And it’s frustrating cause he really does need it!

okay, rant over.  Hope everyone has a lovely day.


Tash xxx


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