So I thought for todays little blog I would introduce my families two darling fur children. Both girls and similar colours.  We have a dog called Hunny and a cat called Terra.

Let’s start off with Hunny.

We moved into our old house in October 2012 and we thought we were missing something important there.  We had a huge backyard for Xander to play in, we had a nice house and we were about to get married.  But something didn’t feel right…

So, we found this company that had adopt a dog and we thought perfect!  Our son had become terrified of dogs after two of my friends dogs had a massive fight in front of him so we wanted to get him one so he wouldn’t be scared.  So off we went to this place to adopt this dog they were wanting to give away.  We got there and boy were we in shock.

The place the puppies were staying in was disgusting!  Nobody cleaned up their poop, there was no grass and they lived in a broken greenhouse.  We felt bad and wished we could of taken all of the dogs but we couldn’t.

Now, the dog we originally were going to get was too… in your face.  She kept jumping around, climbing over us, biting and nipping… and Xander did not like that.  He, if I remember, cried and had to held by his dad as this dog and her siblings continued to jump up and down… Apart from one.

I was sat on the ground when this little puppy came over and climbed into my lap, cuddling close and closing her eyes as I stroked her head.  She never jumped up at Xander when he was sat next to nor did she scare him when Xander, very timidly, patted her head… And we knew then and there that she was the dog for us!
We chatted to the agency and asked for this dog instead of the one they wanted us to adopt because this darling little girl was perfect for Xander.  She was calm, quiet and loved cuddles!

We ended up winning the argument and adopted this little girl, which one of our friends helped us name her… She was lovingly named… Hunny!  and she is a little Hunny.

puppy hunny

The was the lovely origin story of our beautiful dog Hunny!

Now, onto our feline friend, Terra.

Before May 10th, 2014, My friend asked me what my son was going to get me for mothers day (New Zealand) and I said “Oh, just some chocolate and a nice dinner most likely…”  She thought that was lovely thing planned.  We started chatting about different things happening in life when I said “We are actually going to adopt a kitten!  We just need to find the perfect little one though.” and she suddenly exclaimed loudly “One of my friends cats juts had kittens and she has one more left to adopt out!  Do you want her?”  and of course I said yes and quickly called Gareth, who also said yes!

So, she said “Oh she will be a lovely mothers day gift!”  and so I was going to get a kitten for mothers day!  Mothers day came and I get a message saying I wouldn’t be getting her for a couple of days cause her shots were booked in for Tuesday and I was like “that is fine!”

Wednesday came along and I had been home from course for about two hours, my son and mum had arrived about 10 minutes before I received a text say “I’m on my way with your little girl!” and I made a noise that made my mum stare at me like I had two heads.

When my friend arrived with my kitten I couldn’t help but coo, she was so tiny!  She is a white tortoise shell kitten with the most amazing colours that matched our dog!  Once the kitten was in my hands and my friend had gone I bought the little one in for Xander to meet…. And he loved her!  He wanted to hold her all the time even though she was scared of him and the dog… But she got use to everyone in the end and she is a lovely member of our family.

She didn’t have a name and Gareth asked me what I wanted to name her and I said “Terra.”  He asked why and I pointed out “Well, I would of loved that for a name if I ever have a daughter but since we are not having another baby for a while (regret and will explain in another blog) then we will name our kitten that!”

And thus we named our kitten Terra.

Terra baby

These two little girls are amazing and perfect!

Sure, when we moved into our new house last year in September/October 2015 they did not like us for a couple of days but now they love our new house.  Hunny can watch us leave everyday from our gate since our backyard connects to our driveway, Terra loves to explore the hill and the lovely grass like area behind us.

Hope you enjoyed the blog about my pets.

Tash xxx


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