One of those days…

Today is one of those days where you just, originally, wanted to have a big tidy up of the house and clean it while everyone is out… Well, those plans are out the window.

Last night at about 11:30pm my son woke up from a nightmare.  Now, 11pm is when my husband and I usually go to bed because we like to relax and watch youtube or play PS4 together for a couple of hours after Xander goes to bed.  Now, I don’t mind if he has a nightmare because you help him by cuddling him and making sure he knows he is safe and sound, going with him to his bedroom and tucking him up with his special toy before he falls back asleep and into a nice dreamland again.

But last night was tiring and a bit weird…

So Xander woke up and came running in crying, saying he had a nightmare.  Gareth and I calmed him down before he starts saying “I need a drink of water.”  Normally, he wouldn’t need a drink so we were like okay and he went off with his dad to go get his water before he toddles off to bed.  I follow him into the bedroom, like a good parent, and tuck him up with Mickey Mouse before kissing him on the head.  Then he quietly whispers “Mummy, can you please get me another drink of water?”  now, this is odd because he knows he is not allowed water in his room because he every now and again (not all the time) wets the bed.

So I say to him, “Xander, you know what might happen if I get the water bottle for you and you drink a lot of water before bed right?”  to which he replied “Yes mum but my mouth hurts.”  huh?   So I go and get his water bottle and give it to him before asking “Are you alright?  What is the matter apart from you had a scary dream?”.

Now, he looks at me as he rubs his eyes tiredly before saying “I keep coughing and it hurts my chest.”  Oh no, he has caught a cold from school.  That isn’t too bad though right?  Well, with Xander it always ends up either he is fine and goes about his life… Or it will get worse and he ends up at the medical centre with tonsillitis.  Yep, my son get severe tonsillitis if he catches a cold 60% of the time.

Anyway he’s, luckily, missed that part of it.  But throughout the night he was just coughing up a storm and was awake.  He’s home today and you are probably wondering why?  Well, my son had a meltdown at school the beginning of the week cause he was so tired from a busy weekend where he didn’t get a lot of sleep.  So it was better to keep him at home and let him rest than have another conversation with his teacher about his meltdowns… She also suggested keeping him home if he was tired.

Now, onto the next part of last night.  At about 3:30am Xander woke me up from his coughing (again) and I heard him call for me.  I quickly went in and told him to go back to sleep, which he did after I gave him a big cuddle.  I went back to bed, climbed in and closed my eyes… Till my husband started snoring.  Now, Gareth doesn’t snore… Unless he sleeps on his back which he normally doesn’t do unless he has severe neck pain (which he did last night).  So you can imagine I kind of had to nudge him awake and mention he was snoring, to which he replied “I’m sorry love.”  And rolls over and goes back to sleep.

Next thing that made sleeping difficult last night was the dog.  We have a little Jack Russell/ Border Collie that goes by the name of Hunny and she is a sweetheart…. Apart from the fact that she sleeps on the bed.  In our old house she use to sleep outside until one of the neighbours complained about her whining, she would only do it for like 10 – 30 minutes (depending if it was raining) before shutting up and sleeping on her bed under the nice covered veranda.  Now, this neighbour complained, not only about her whining for a short time at night, but also complained when we went out and left her outside because she would, according to our neighbour at the time, do “Loud barks and whines for two hours!”.  In reality, our other neighbours said she would only whine for about 10 minutes before just doing whatever she does outside.
So, to appease this man who lived behind our property, we let her sleep inside.  I made sure all of her bedding was inside but do you know what my husband done that I told him he would regret?

He let her sleep on the bed!

UGH!  I love my dog, don’t get me wrong, but she burrows between our bodies and half the blankets are on Gareth’s side…. She also snores LOUDLY! EVERY TIME SHE IS ASLEEP! UGH I can’t take it so I have to get her off the bed.

Okay, one final thing.  Here in New Zealand we are in our winter… Except it’s not cold…. No, last night was so damn hot I couldn’t sleep.  The weather has been so up and down lately you just don’t know what to do so half the time I have to wear just a t-shirt and undies to bed because it might get really hot or it might get really cold.

So yeah…. It is just one of those days where I haven’t had a lot of sleep, my son is finally napping in bed and Gareth is at work.  I might be able to get my washing done at least I suppose.
Sorry this one was all over the place.  But I hope you enjoyed my little story.


Tash xxx


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