My very first blog post…

Well, this is my first ever blog.  I’m kinda excited yet nervous that no-one is actually going to look at it… oh well.
For my first ever post I am just going to give you a bit of a introduction if you will.

So, my name is Natasha and at this current moment I am 24 years old.  I am a mum to a little 5 year old that goes by the name of Xander and I am married to an amazing man whose name is Gareth.  We live in New Zealand and it is amazing here…. Well, in the summer it is anyway.

The reason I started this blog is because I am actually unemployed at the moment and I need something to do in order to keep my sanity since my son started school at the beginning of May.

So this blog is going to have a little bit of everything, from my own parental and spousal advice, to baking yummy treats, to arts and crafts, to books, games and movie reviews, how to care for pets and so much more.

Well, since I’m here I will give you a little inside tip to the woman that is Natasha.

So, in the year 1991 on the 27th of November, the third and final child of Sharon and Karl screamed her way into this world, and they named her…. Natasha.  Yes, I am the youngest of three children.  My brother, Richard, is 6 years older than me while my sister Charmaine (who, may I add, got the much nicer name) is 16 months older than me.

Now, I was not only the loudest out of the three of my siblings, but I was also the most outgoing.  At the age of 4 or 5 I went up to my mother and said “I want to do ballet!” But, of course, all the ballet classes were full.  So my mum asked me if I wanted to do Highland Dancing instead, and being a little girl and hearing the word ‘dance’, I automatically said yes.

And that is when the next 12 years of my life became a flurry of kilts and competitions.

Now, I loved highland dancing… I still do now even though I haven’t physically done a competition since 2008.  But I have to admit, there were times I despised it…  I hated training every night and then going to competitions every weekend… But at the same time I loved the benefits, like going to McDonalds or KFC after every competition and getting the opportunity to travel overseas and meeting new people.  Highland Dancing got me to do things a lot of people my age could not.

Now, in the year 2007, one year before I quit, I got the opportunity to go to Scotland and perform in the Edinburgh Military Tattoo… It was amazing!  But the best part was not getting to perform in front of thousands of people every night or experiencing a new country…. No, the best part was I met my Husband, Gareth (whom was a musician in the British Army and performing too).

Time skipping to 2010, Gareth had moved over here to good old New Zealand at the end of 2008.  There were some downs like Gareth had a not so great job, I was unemployed, we were still living with my parents, Gareth’s mother sadly passed away and many more.  But a miracle happened.  August 2010, we were heading to a 30 Seconds to Mars concert in two days and I noticed that I had missed my period.
Now, normally when I get excited over things my period is really late and will appear like the day said exciting thing happens. But not this time.
I noticed that I had seemed to be gaining a constant amount of weight and my breasts were enlarging at quite an alarming rate (trust me, I had very small boobs all my life). Deciding that it was safer than sorry I took Gareth with me to go get a pregnancy test.  Of course he was like “Nah, you can’t be pregnant.  I can’t make babies remember?”  (Gareth had low sperm count from drinking in the army all the time) but I still wanted to know.

We went back to my brothers house and I went to the bathroom and peed on the little stick… and those next two minutes were the longest two minutes of my life.
In my head I was saying to myself “no, it’s not possible, you can’t be pregnant.”  But when I looked at that little plastic stick my heart stopped beating.
There, two tiny twin red lines stared back at me.  Quickly I throw it away and wash my hands before hurrying out to Gareth, my face in a sort of shocked state as I walked up to him and muttered quickly “It’s positive.”

Now, we were both very scared about having a baby because we were not financially sorted and not in our own place… But we also didn’t want to abort because we didn’t know if this was Gareth’s only chance of having a baby… and I’m glad my life has turned out this way… Because, on the 16th April 2011 at 6:16am weighing 8 pounds 9 ounces, my son Xander was born.

Now, 2016, Gareth and I have been married for three and a half years, our son has started school, we own our own house and my husband is, of all things, a funeral director… and I have to say…. Even though I don’t have a job, I’m glad my life has gone this way.  I love my boys, I love my life and I love everything.

So here we are, all about me.  I hope you enjoyed reading this.


Tash xx



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