Finally another blog

Sorry haven’t made a blog in the past couple of weeks, I have literally been working heaps and have either been too tired to write a blog or haven’t had the chance to even think of a topic.

but I’m back for now and hopefully won’t have another big break.

So im transferring to another supermarket because my old manager who will be my new manager, was so impressed with me she wants to train me in other areas…. which is amazing….

so I am quite happy about how well I have been doing st work and I will miss the old store. But I am going to mention tommy manager that I want to still help out at the other store… see what happens.

Well that is all I have for today but there will def be a blog up tomorrow so yay!


Tash xxx


Busy busy busy

Sorry no blogs the past couple of days. Have been working so much that I just have been too tired or too busy to write or even think of a topic to write for a blog.

I have just finished a 7 hour night shift right now and thought would write a quick update about my day. Woke up and made Gareth and myself a breakfast on bacon and eggs sandwiches with BBQ sauce, salt and pepper… was nice.

Gareth made Xander his breakfast and the. I played overwatch for a small while… while Xander was meant to clean his room but he went to sleep instead.

At 3pm I went to work and had another good work day. Love working with customers, especially the happy ones.

got home at 10:30 and now relaxing before heading to bed.

Tuesday is my only day off next week so I’m going to do an interesting blog hopefully that day.

Tash xxx

Small update

Sorry haven’t done a lot of blog posts, I have been so busy at work this week it isn’t funny.  My only day off is Saturday this weekend… and it’s the long weekend.

October 21 is Hawkes bay anniversary weekend and then straight after that on the 22,23 and 24 October is labour weekend…. so for my job we are going to be super busy.

I am glad that I have a lot of hours this week but it just means I cannot get any blog posts out until Saturday.  This why I am writing out an apology.

Tash xxx

Halloween Art Day with Xander!

So today Xander and I done a lot of artwork for Halloween… And when I mean Xander and I… I mean Xander done two and I done the rest.  We still have a lot to do but I want to show you what I came up with!

What you will need:
Coloured Card
Glitter Glue
Round objects like bowls and cups
goggle eyes
And a lot of patience.


Step one:
Grab your bowl and trace/draw a circle!  The circle is the main background for your picture.

Step two:
Cut out your circle and then cut out a square from another coloured piece of paper (I used black) for the character/main centre piece.

Step three:
Trace out the picture and cut it out… I used a witch as mine for the spooky season.

Step four:
Stick your picture done and Grab your glitter glue… And as any colour you want outline the character.

Step five:
Add your goggly eye and let her dry!

Step six:
Let her dry and then grab your felt tip pens or crayons (Xander chose these) and add in the details of light clouds and such behind your character. And then it is complete!  I will be punching holes and tying black ribbon to the tops so that they can hang.

These are simple to do and fun for the kids… here are a couple of the ones I have completed with Xander….

Reaper from Overwatch



Rwby moon.

And then the Rwby crew I done later one which are not 100% complete and are drying right now. Oh and a little ghost saying boo!

Little Ghost

I hope you enjoyed these cute little halloween picture ideas.

Tash xxx

Work and storms

Been working the past couple of days which has been nice.  Earning money and supporting my family is my number one goals and making sure that Xander is sorted out no matter what.

Today we had a storm roll over at 2/2:15pm which was awesome… Lots of lightning and thunder rolling about with rain and hail… But I was walking home… so guess who got soaked in their work uniform?  Me.

Luckily I have no work tomorrow so that is alright and I can quickly wash it and Xander’s school uniform.

Anyway, back to the storm.  So I got home soaked and I got out of those quickly before eating my lunch and relaxing for five minutes…. Till I heard my dad arrive with Xander.

I quickly grab the umbrella and go out the front door…. Only to find myself suddenly on the floor….  Yup I slipped over and landed on the wooden stairs on my back…. And it hurt.

I think I have bruises forming too which isn’t nice but nothing I can do about it.

Apart from that my day went well and I love thunder storms so that was nice.


Tash xxx

Something that works

  1. First of all sorry no blog yesterday. Had been working and then was busy all afternoon with my little man.

But what I want to quickly talk about before going to sleep is something that, and I know for a fact, works for pimples… and that is freshly squeezed lemon juice!

Okay, so I get serious pimples when I get my period… so I buy lemons and squeeze the juice out… now normally I only use one lemon and the juice survives me bout four to five days.

But once you apply to your face with a cotton bud it stings heaps… especially if you have open zit wounds like I do on the corner of my mouth right now… but, and Im being 100% honest it works!!!

The lemon juice has vitiman c in it and other healthy things which help clear up the pimples on your face!!!  Seriously, the one on my shoulder has faded after a couple of days of constantly applying.

Its better for you and cheaper! Seriously I would just use lemons over face creams any day.

I will take a photo for Sunday’s blog of my very sore and red pimple of the corner of mouth for you to see the amazing difference it can do.

Tash xxxx

Work, sunshine and sunburn!

Today was a beautiful day! Seriously beautiful day!  The sun was out and shining, the weather was beautifully warm, it was a day to be outside and enjoy the sun… Which I did on the way to work and from work…

Work went well, served a lot of the elderly as it was pension day and they do their shopping.  Met a man whom has stomach cancer too, and he talked about how he was given two months to live and he has been alive for 2 years now.

I asked him how he looks towards everyday, knowing that any day could be his last and he said to me “I just go out with a smile on my face and a positive attitude.” and that got me.  Like, man, this lovely gentleman whom has stomach cancer and has had half his stomach removed and there he is, one of the happiest customers of the day.  He has not left my mind and it just shows that no matter what gets you down… Just push forward and be happy and you make others happy too.

After work I went out for a bit looking for some school shorts for Xander before giving up and heading home with some subway for lunch… Then I got dressed and went back out to pick up Xander… And now my face is bright red.

I originally thought that my face wash had given me a chemical burn or something on my face because while applying it and leaving it on for a minute while washing my hands (and so none of the product got into my eyes) it started tingling… So I quickly washed it off…

As I said I originally thought it was chemical burning and I started to panic… But Gareth pointed out that I had a red face the moment he came home… So I only can assume that it is sunburn… and that makes more sense since face washes are meant for your face and not to burn even if you leave it on for a couple of minutes…

Apart from that we done our grocery shop and bought Xander some shoes and socks before heading home and tucking the poor tired wee man into bed.  I am about to go to bed myself as is Gareth.


Tash xxx